Zoe Barratt
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom



I am Pilates teacher and Barefoot movement Coach from Gloucestershire who has a passion for functional movement and allowing the body to thrive in its natural state. The Breath is incredibly important in Pilates and its use can completely change an exercise. It is through this practise that I became interested in functional breathing and the effect it can have on our movements and ultimately on every aspect of our life. I am also a keen endurance runner and have experienced profound improvements in my fitness and recovery times since incorporating Oxygen Advantage exercises into my own daily life.

I am dedicated to looking at the body holistically and understanding the impact that breath, movement and everyday health have on each other and providing my clients with the tools and knowledge to take ownership of their health and reconnect to their bodies.   

I teach 1 to 1 programs in my garden studio which can be tailored to your specific needs, whether it be solely focussed on breathing patterns or if you would like to integrate some functional movement practises in as well as we go through the program.  Please enquire for online sessions.  

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