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Buteyko Breathing Belt

* For quantities over 10, or if the bundle you are looking for is not available on the web store (for example mixed sizes within a bundle) please email [email protected] for a customized order.

Buteyko Belt was designed by Patrick McKeown to support the Oxygen Advantage® breathing exercises.

Described by one happy customer as, “instantaneously transformative,” it’s perfect for use during practice, while you sleep and for sedentary work. Finish your day energized. Deepen the effect of your breathing exercises. Develop a better awareness of your breathing.

This breathing belt has helped hundreds of people reduce symptoms of snoring, sleep apnea, stress, anxiety, and asthma.

It brings a gentle resistance to breathing, promoting healthy use of the diaphragm. To benefit, simply strap the belt on under your shirt, and get on with your day.

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Available in 3 sizes (small, medium, and large).

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Fully adjustable to suit all body types and breathing patterns.

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Slim design fits easily and comfortably underneath your clothes.

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To ensure a perfect fit, measure the circumference of your trunk at the base of your ribcage. Sizes are as follows:

Extra Small: 73 cm and a width of 6cm (front)
Small: 26 – 34 inches (67 – 87cm)
Medium: 35 – 41 inches (89 – 105cm)
Large: 41 – 47 inches (105 – 120cm)

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How to Use the Buteyko Belt:

  • Wrap the belt around your body so that it hugs your diaphragm, midway between your navel and your chest.
  • Adjust the straps to achieve resistance to your breathing.
  • If you feel no air hunger, tighten the straps until you do.
  • If the air hunger is too strong, loosen the straps.
Illustration on how to breathe with Buteyko Belt

The optimal level of air hunger will be personal to you. If you live with anxiety or panic disorder, don’t push yourself to fasten the belt too tightly. This can trigger your stress response.

When you achieve reduced breathing in a relaxed manner, you will feel an increase of watery saliva in the mouth and your hands will become warmer. This indicates that carbon dioxide is increasing in your blood — which means the breathing belt is doing its job.

Breathe deep, breathe easy.

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