The Oxygen Advantage Starter Pack

All the breathing accessories you’ll ever need. 

Starter Pack includes:

1 SportsMask
1 Pulse Oximeter
1 OA T-Shirt (please specify size)
1 Belt (please specify size)
1 Large Myotape

Originally available exclusively for Oxygen Advantage® instructors, the starter pack is the perfect introduction to your breathing journey. It contains all the tools to optimize your breathing exercises and deepen your sleep.

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Your starter pack contains:

Sports Mask pack

1 SportsMask

SportsMask is our patented training mask. Use it to improve your breathing muscle strength or to deepen your workout and practice of the exercises.


1 Pulse Oximeter

The Contec pulse oximeter is a low-cost option that has proven accurate in independent trials. Use it to motivate the breathing practice as you monitor changes in blood oxygen saturation.


Contec pulse oximeter

1 Buteyko Belt

Add resistance to your breathing to encourage diaphragm movement and reduce over-breathing.

Available in S, M and L.

Size Guide:

To ensure a perfect fit, measure the circumference of your trunk at the base of your ribcage. Sizes are as follows:

Small: 26 – 34 inches (67 – 87cm)
Medium: 35 – 41 inches (89 – 105cm)
Large: 41– 47 inches (105 – 120cm)


Buteyko Belt pack
MyoTape For Adults

1 Pack MyoTape

Safe, stress-free sleep tape to build the habit of full-time nose breathing. Contains 90 large strips for age 16+


1 OA T-Shirt

Kit yourself out in Oxygen Advantage® branded gear. Work out in comfort. Or wear it to bed to remind yourself why your sleep is so great!

Please email [email protected] to specify the following:

Oxygen Advantage T-shirt size: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Size Guide:

Please note, sizes run small, so we recommend going for one size up (e.g., if you normally buy large or L, go for the XL). Styling is unisex.


OA T-shirt

Total value of the products: $147
Your Starter Pack Price: $99


Hit the ground running with the complete selection of accessories for breathing and sleep. Everything you need to practice the full range of Oxygen Advantage® exercises, and to get the most out of your workout.


A convenient, cost-effective way to try out the Oxygen Advantage® patented breathing products, and to demonstrate them to your students. Remember you can also sign up to our affiliate program — so if students want to purchase any of the accessories direct from Oxygen Advantage®, you earn a percentage on every sale.


Buying a gift for someone who loves fitness or wellbeing? Whether your loved-one is a dedicated biohacker, or they experience stress, symptoms and sleep disorders, the starter pack is the perfect way to introduce a friend to the power of functional breathing. Get started with $147 worth of Oxygen Advantage® accessories now. All for one value price of $99.

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