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SportsMask is an ideal tool for professional athletes, emergency first response workers, and anyone looking to enhance their breathing practice

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SportsMask help improve athletic performance?

SportsMask adds variable resistance breathing load, which allows strengthening the diaphragm, similar to how weight lifting builds muscle in the arms. This helps increase endurance, delay fatigue, improve aerobic performance and overall physical fitness.

Can SportsMask be used during cardio workouts?

Yes, SportsMask is perfect for use during cardio workouts like running, cycling, swimming. It will help increase workout intensity and achieve better results.

Is SportsMask comfortable to wear during workouts?

SportsMask has adjustable head straps that securely hold the mask in place during intense workouts. It is lightweight and well-ventilated, so it is comfortable to wear even during prolonged training.

How often is it recommended to use SportsMask?

It is recommended to use SportsMask during every workout. The more often you train with the mask, the better the results. But start gradually, adding more time of use.

Can SportsMask be used with other training techniques?

Yes, SportsMask is specifically designed for use with the Oxygen Advantage technique and other training approaches. It combines well with most workout programs.

Is SportsMask suitable for women?

Yes, SportsMask is suitable for both men and women. It helps improve athletic performance regardless of gender. The mask has adjustable straps that can fit any head size and shape.

Can SportsMask be used during yoga or Pilates?

SportsMask is also effective during yoga and Pilates. It adds breathing resistance that helps strengthen core muscles and increase endurance during the exercises.

Is it safe to train with SportsMask for people with asthma?

It is recommended that asthma patients consult their doctor before using SportsMask. But in general, it can help alleviate symptoms of exercise-induced asthma.

How to properly take care of SportsMask?

It is recommended to regularly wash the mask with warm water and mild soap. Avoid using aggressive detergents. After washing, thoroughly dry the mask before next use.

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Boost Your Athletic Performance with SportsMask!

This revolutionary workout mask will help you reach new heights in fitness and sports. SportsMask adds variable resistance to breathing, strengthening the diaphragm like weight lifting builds muscle in the arms.

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