OA Advanced Instructor Training for sport, body and mind

Take a Deep Dive into Breathing for Physical and Mental Wellbeing and Trauma Relief


26-28 August 2022 (attend all three days) | 9am-5pm daily | Belfast, Northern Ireland | COST: £850




Take the full Advanced Instructor program AND learn about the application of breathing for trauma and mental health.

The breath is a powerful tool. It has been used since the earliest days of psychology to calm anxiety and focus the mind. In this training, you will learn to apply the latest science through the world’s leading breathing training program, to improve your own health, and to support your patients through their recovery from trauma.

Learn in person from Patrick McKeown, Creator, CEO, and Director of Education Training at Oxygen Advantage® and Tom Herron, Oxygen Advantage Instructor with over 20 years’ experience working in psychotherapy, sports psychology, and lifestyle coaching.

What’s Included?

  • 3 days of live, in-person training with Patrick McKeown and Tom Herron
  • Lifetime access to the pre-recorded Advanced Instructor program (14 hours of video lessons), created and delivered by Patrick McKeown
  • Lifetime access to Patrick’s 20 years of research and clinical experience
  • Certification in the Oxygen Advantage® method

Is the training for me?

This training is ideal if you work with clients as a physical therapist, yoga/Pilates teacher, strength and conditioning coach, or a coach in the self-care, fitness, or wellness space. Or if you simply want to become a breathing instructor.

If you specialize in mental health, psychology, counselling, or trauma care this event will give you extra insight and expertise that will directly support your work.

What you’ll learn:

The Advanced Instructor Training is our most comprehensive certification. It gives you the skills to teach functional breathing and simulation of altitude training to clients with a wide range of needs and goals. Our Advanced Instructors work with everyone from pro athletes and military to adults and children with chronic illness.

Learn 18 practical breathing exercises to use with clients, and find out how, when, and why, to use them. Explore the connections between trauma and breathing. And discover ways to keep your clients safe while teaching them the breathing exercises.

Day 1

Patrick McKeown

An introduction to the OA method. In this class you will cover everything from functional movement to exercise-induced asthma. Explore the link between breathing and physical movement. Learn how to identify dysfunctional breathing and how to apply the OA method for practical results.

Tom Herron

Understand what trauma is, and how to recognize it in yourself and others. And discover the link between trauma and the breath.

Day 2:

Patrick McKeown

In this session, Patrick will share breathing assessments to use with clients. You will learn about the intermittent hypoxic/hypercapnic training unique to the OA method, and its applications and benefits for sports and other fields. Discover how to increase exercise capacity and use the breath to improve fitness.

Tom Herron

Explore the impact of trauma on mood, fitness, and health, and learn how breathing can help.

Day 3:

Patrick McKeown

Learn how to devise and teach a program of breathing exercises based on your client’s breathing, age, and state of health. Tailor exercises to meet specific performance and sporting goals. Boost creativity and get in the zone. Explore the differences between OA and the Wim Hof Method. Learn about heart rate variability, the core, and what to do when you have nasal obstruction.

Tom Herron

Learn how trauma affects everything we think, do and say. Find out how to help clients with trauma, safely and effectively.

Learn Breathing Techniques to:

  • Free your mind from repetitive, negative thinking
  • Improve blood flow to your brain so you can think more clearly
  • Change states, consciously reducing the physical and mental impact of stress
  • Resolve everyday breathing problems
  • Start each day feeling refreshed and ready for anything
  • Optimize breathing for peak performance in any field


OA Advanced Instructor Training — Belfast, Northern Ireland

BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW! Dates: 26th, 27th and 28th August, 2022

Times: 9am-5pm daily (attend all three days)

Crowne Plaza Belfast
117 Milltown Road,
Shaw’s Bridge,
Belfast BT8 7XP

Fee: £850.00
A deposit of £250 is required for registration. The balance is due two weeks from training start date.

Hotel Room Discount: Contact the reservations department at Crowne Plaza Hotel and quote Oxygen Advantage Event to receive a 20% discounted bedroom rate on their Best Flexible Rate.