Ari Gaitelband


  • Israel

I remember back when I was playing professional squash for Israel in the European squash championships, that feeling of ” I have no air” heart racing, breathing heavy, panting like a dog – this meant one thing: Game Over !

Today I look back and it seems ironic, training so hard – sprints on court, running up hills, the gym, and the mental work. Round the clock six days a week, all through the year.

Why did I neglect the breathing system? Why didn’t I separate this system and become oxygen efficient? Seems funny not to train the one system that sets you back the most… No air = No results!

Today I practice and share with my clients the skill of oxygen efficiency; we practice holding our breath in a fun and safe way so we can tolerate high levels of co2 and improve oxygen delivery to cells and tissues.

I get excited and filled with joy to see the transformation in the eyes of my trainees once they have felt what it’s like to bio hack the power of the Breath and Mind!

I am often called in a positive way: “a health freak”…I guess It’s the end result of being curious about life and our existence!
I’m always searching for ways to enhance my performance and well-being.

This search led me on an adventure, climbing the highest mountain in Poland, shirtless on a cold snowy day, to become a certified Wim Hof instructor. I added this method to what I call:
“The shelf of Performance and well being” the path led me to Patrick Mckeown and becoming a certified Oxygen Advantage® instructor. This blended well with my background as a professional competitive squash player and coach, alongside a passion for surfing over reef breaks, free diving and screen writing.

I’m full of gratitude and awe because today I embrace this in my life to become a powerful, joyful and walk the talk human being, sports addict, coach, screen writer, husband and father.

And sharing this with clients who want to improve and maximize their performance in sports and life is the best thing ever!

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