Ash Whittle


  • Australia


I am a Yoga instructor and holistic therapist since 2000 and an Advanced Oxygen Advantage® – Instructor since 2023 and special needs education assistant living in Perth, WA.

My brother and I grew up with respiratory issues, asthma and bronchial asthma, we were prescribed various medications throughout the years combined with natural therapies. This led me to look for alternatives to medication and I studied complementary therapies in 2000 and became yoga instructor in 2001. Having always had an interest in breathing, it wasn’t until I discovered the Oxygen Advantage, that I could fill in the gaps left by other teachings, and really understand how to utilise the breath as a powerful tool to optimise health, wellbeing, and performance. I

came across James Nestor and Patrick McKeown’s work while I was looking for help with hormonal changes in my body. Early perimenopause bestowed upon me the burden of night sweats, lack of sleep and wheezing.

I was blown away when I changed my breathing, through consistency, with practice, I found relief and I could resolve my issues. I have since completed “Oxygen Advantage Breathing for Females”.

My intent is to help individuals discover and define their own self-care practices. Through learning about their bodies and breath, my students have found simple and effective ways to take control of their health, mentally, physically, and emotionally to ultimately live with greater ease and joy.

Combining yoga methods, with the science of functional movement, breathing and sleep, I don’t just look at breathing alone, but at the body, lifestyle and individual to find the most appropriate way forward.

I have seen how stressful work environments are harming and effecting people’s mental health and wellbeing. It is so concerning, and I am so eager to give these simple techniques to as many people as I can to help them life a full and joyful life. I witnessed a family member suffer for many years with mental health issues. The Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko method gives people the tools to overcome and take control of various health issues.

Who is this for? – Everyone!! – Employers, Employees, Parents, Students, Teens, Kids – anyone struggling with the stresses of daily life.

What issues it can help with?

Worry, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, fight, freeze or flight, feelings of despair, sleep issues, hormonal issues,

Long COVID, respiratory issues.

Recreational and pro athletes looking for better performance.

I work with individuals, small groups and run workshops. I also teach yoga where I integrate these breathing techniques into the class. (online & in person).

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