Darragh Sheehy


  • Ireland



Darragh Sheehy is a health professional with over 10 years experience in helping people make positive changes in their wellbeing.

Having qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2011, he went straight into working in professional rugby league and private practice in England for a number of years. In 2014 while still working in sport he first studied breathing techniques for optimal performance and had a chance to use these both in the clinical setting and also with these elite athletes. On returning to Ireland in 2015 and having experienced the benefits of this breath training both personally and professionally he studied with Patrick Mckeown, initially in the Buteyko method and then in 2018 in the Oxygen Advantage. Since then he has practised this work and also implemented it in working with clients predominantly with physical symptoms or injury. 

His focus over the years has become more holistic and in this way he has invested in studying with experts in many fields including sound medicine and breath training to address our wellbeing from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect. Today his main interest is in helping people regulate their nervous system and also looking into trauma healing and it’s link to many practices including tools from the Oxygen Advantage. The primary focus of his work is in creating a sense of safety for each client so that insights can arise and healing take place related to their wellbeing. He currently offers in person sessions and online resources which give people practical and grounded tools and resources for improving their wellbeing.

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