Elena Constantinidou


  • Belgium


Elena is a movement educator, teaching yoga since 2012. She currently teaches collective classes and on a one-on-one basis addressing individual needs and mobility requirements. Her clientele ranges from yoga enthusiast to people having mobility issues or individuals wanting to improve their overall mobility capacities to better serve their sport, hobby or lifestyle and older people who have issues with back pain and general deterioration joints affecting their movement.

Group classes range from Yoga to Kinstretch and ELDOA as she is a Mobility Specialist certified with the FRC systems. She is certified FRA (Functional Range Assessment) which is a system/methodology to assess people’s movement capacities with the intend to determine discrepancies and improve movement expression and joint capacity and enhance ranges of motion where needed.

On the other side of the spectrum, she also works with the ELDOA method (Etirements Longitudinaux Decoaption Osteo Articulaire) which focuses on decompressing the spine and other joints through specific exercises targeted at specific vertebral junctions and normalising facial tension in the body which offers a more supported structure.

To complement her Yoga services, she now includes functional breathing in her teaching and works with a range of people to address their breathing disorders and requirements (she works with adults and children with the Buteyko method addressing conditions such as asthma, anxiety and sleep apnea) and additionally with people wanting to improve their breathing in relation to their athletic performance be it a hobby or for competitive purposes.

She is based in Brussels but originally from Cyprus where she visits to give workshops and yoga retreats. She speaks English, Greek and French and works also through zoom or skype sessions.

Elena can be reached through her email (see below).

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