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Hi, my name is Fabio.

I’ve relocated to Portugal from Australia in 2021 and I’m currently based in a coastal town nearby Lisbon, where I work as breathing instructor.

Like most of us, during the past years I’ve faced many challenges that have bring my attention to the importance of being mentally stable as the #1 priority.

After having tried many tools and techniques on my own skin, I’ve found that breathing was the ONE thing that helped me the most to build a solid foundation to a healthy (and spiritual) life.

Deepening my knowledge around the science of breathing got me to discover Patrick’s work and the Oxygen Advantage program, which represented was a pivotal moment in my career as I finally had the knowledge and tools to bring the breathing techniques not only to the everyday people but also to the athlete’s world, to whom I belong to since young age.

I’m keen to work with people to want to take back control of their own life, health and fitness by taking concrete steps towards it.

Particularly, the fields I’m applying my work are:

Mental Health: breathing as a tool to have a better understanding on what’s going on inside you and reconnect with oneself

Spirituality: breathing as a tool to access higher state of being, as anchor for deeper meditation.

Corporate Wellness: find your work/life balance, learn to concentrate, focus and boost your productivity at the workplace

Sport and Fitness: bringing the science of functional breathing to improve your athletic performance

Ocean Resilience: focus on building up resilience in the ocean, specifically for surfers

I’m currently switching between Portugal and Italy, thus we can either work together in person (in see locations) or online (internationally).

Location: Lisbon area (Portugal) | Torino area (Italy)

Languages: English | Italian | Spanish

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