Giuseppe Rotella


  • Germany



My initiation into the Oxygen Advantage program began a mere 6 months ago, driven by my passion for swimming. The transformation has been profound. I’ve seen my breath-hold duration dramatically improve, enabling me to swim freestyle, taking breaths only every 10 strokes as opposed to the conventional 2. Remarkably, I now comfortably swim over 40 minutes straight without needing a break, and between 50 and 75 meters underwater horizontally. Beyond swimming, whether it’s engaging in table tennis or performing fire dances, my reliance on mouth breathing has drastically diminished.

The newfound respiratory control feels akin to possessing superpowers!

Inspired by my own transformative journey, I am passionate about introducing others to the wonders of the Oxygen Advantage method. My vision is to empower individuals to harness these techniques, amplifying their athletic performance and overall well-being. Based in the vibrant city of Berlin, I offer both in-person and online training sessions.

Multilingualism is a strength of mine, and I am fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, and German.

Should you be intrigued by the prospect of unlocking your own “respiratory superpowers”, do not hesitate to reach out: [email protected].

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