Jennifer de Mel
Sri Lanka


  • Sri Lanka

My background is in strength and conditioning and functional fitness. Since becoming a mother myself in 2017, I started to specialise in coaching health and fitness to postpartum women. My coaching empowers women by helping them build sustainable, healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits. 

I came to integrate the Oxygen Advantage method into my teachings after discovering the power of breathwork as a vehicle for healing trauma. As I deepened my understanding of the different modalities of breathwork, I recognised the strong connection between breathing and postpartum health and fitness. Breathing is absolutely key for restoring optimal function to the core and pelvic floor for many reasons including the improvement of symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, posture and alignment, thereby improving overall physical fitness, mental health and emotional well-being.

I coach women online world-wide. I am currently based and in Sri Lanka, where I also love to work with women in-person. I run the only ‘core restore‘ class of its kind in Sri Lanka and I offer personal training. I love helping women who want to feel their best whether it is to show up energetically for their family, or simply to prioritise their own health and well-being, or to crush their personal best in fitness-related activities.

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