José Luis Cortina


  • Spain


Exercise has been linked to my way of life since I was less than 5 years old. Due to the lack of some physical conditions I had to create the habit of exercising myself. Since then I have been curious about the how´s and why´s behind training.

Currently, I own a small business and I receive clients on a daily basis. Mostly I work with the general population and on a one on one setting.

From point A to point B there have been countless hours of continuing education and training. When I seek education, I look for the best in the industry and run away from fast fads.
NSCA, ACSM, CFSC, EXOS, PN 1 & 2, FMS 1 & 2 or Strong First are a relevant part of my educational background.

My focus during training is put on Strength & Mobility and always looking forward to adapting the exercise to your level. Through my experience, I´ve seen that correct breathing mechanics are a game-changer. Now with this new tool, I feel I am going to help you achieve your goals in an even more efficient and healthy manner.

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