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Katerina Zuckova


Katerina is an experienced intensive care nurse and passionate certified yoga instructor who started practicing yoga in 2010. In 2018 she certified as an Oxygen Advantage® Instructor with Patrick McKeown.

Katerina completed 200-hour teacher training course in India under the expert eye of her guru Ganga Devi from Himalayan Yoga Institute, where she respectfully received her professional yoga name Kaostubhi. She was awarded with a diploma as a ‘Yoga Sikshasa’ (teacher of yoga). Her yoga journey has continued and she further gained a 200-hour teacher training with Teach Yoga school in London. This training provided extensive knowledge about the anatomy and physiology concentrating on a proper body alignment and body mechanics. Thanks to this course, Kaostubhi discovered a passion to teach intelligent powerful classes with a focus on a body precision and a body awareness. Furthermore, she is also accredited by the Yoga Alliance UK with a 200-hour RYT certification. Kaostubhi is currently studying towards BWY 500-hour teacher training course with Yoga Therapist and Pilates Teacher, Elena Voyce PhD.

Kaostubhi’s intention is to help her students discover through yoga the inner love, light, infinite potential, peace within and overall improve wellness in life.