Lorien Holiday
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom


Following 20 years in high pressure corporate environments I have spent the last 5 years focused on the study and science of holistic wellbeing. Already a qualified personal trainer, neuro linguistic programming therapist and coach, the Oxygen Advantage programme was an absolute go to for me after hearing about it in 2020 on a podcast. I believe in simple tools and strategies to help people live healthier and more rewarding lives without the need for expensive gadgets and nutritional supplements. The use of simple, yet effective breathing strategies was an instant win for me and has consistently delivered for my clients.

Resident in the Dorset area of England I have been successfully providing support to clients nationally with the explosion of the use of tools such as Zoom during the pandemic. I specialise in helping people improve their fitness and manage stress, anxiety and frustration which is impacting their career and, more importantly, their family lives.

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