Marco Grosch


  • Austria



Marco Grosch is the founder of Minimalist Biohacker and supports entrepreneurs, self-employed people and executives in regaining control over their bodies and their well-being by introducing them to the methods of biohacking. Analysing, tracking and optimising, for measurable results and sustainably increased performance, easily integrated into everyday life.

As an entrepreneur, manager, father and biohacker, Marco quickly realised how important a holistic understanding of the body is. All too often, other things take centre stage during peak performance – until the body breaks down and can no longer keep up at the desired level of performance.

The good news: we don’t have to drop our priorities, as long as we find an efficient approach to health optimisation methods. It doesn’t take much time or equipment to keep body and mind fit. Nor should the environment suffer from our demands to raise ourselves to a new level. Rather, it is about a meaningful connection between technology and nature to first raise our own awareness of our physical limits, and then to expand them. 

Fixed components of the programmes offered are breathing, movement and relaxation. The methods of Oxygen Advantage Training play a decisive role in all areas and have an effect on every other area of optimisation. For example, we see a significant increase in the parasympathetic part of the nervous system, which plays an enormous role in recovery processes. At the same time, physical and mental functions are optimally supported, which has a direct effect on the stress in everyday work.

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