Natasha Edmondson


  • Ireland
Natasha is a Breath worker, Shamanic Practitioner and Energy Healer with a love of sea swimming and a background in Art Education. Natasha has always had a passion for helping others along with a fascination with energy and the natural world.

Since childhood she suffered from panic attacks and chronic anxiety. She witnessed how her breath could bring her into a state of panic and also how she could use it to bring her back to a state of calm. She later embarked on a journey of healing, peeling back the layers to self discovery.

She trained in Shamanic practices and Pranayama breathing techniques which opened up a whole new world of curiosity. Researching further, she came across numerous breathing practices, yet none of them resonated. Natasha wanted to learn techniques that could help people in the long term, not just a quick fix, something that could help people understand themselves better from a physical, mental and emotional perspective, empowering them to live healthier happier lives.

When she came across Oxygen Advantage, she knew that this was the perfect addition to her business. Natasha’s interests also lie in alternative healing. Along with teaching functional breath work, she also thoroughly enjoys helping others through various healing modalities and Shamanic practices.

Natasha has a keen interest in working with people of all ages, particularly young people and those who suffer with anxiety and a sense of uncertainty, as its something she can really relate to. It is a delight to share these practices with others knowing how much they can be of benefit

Services include:

Online and in person workshops, classes and 1-1 sessions
For schools, communities, corporate and individuals

Country Ireland
Town Bantry, West Cork

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