Pusanisa Na Ranong


  • Thailand



I am a transformation coach, scuba and freedive instructor who have passion in breathwork. I started to study deeper about breathwork during covid time in 2021 and practice breathwork regularly since then. In 2022, I got a chance to provide Thai voice over for WIM HOF Method on Wim’s YouTube channel. In 2023, I got to know Oxygen Advantage from reading the book and found that you provide the instructor course. So, I decided to become professional breathwork instructor so that I can integrate breathwork with my coaching program to help transforming people.

With my background in Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, it was easy to understand the instructor manual and the whole concept of breathwork.

My signature course would be 1) Workshop “Dive into Calm” 1-day In-water mindful breathwork workshop and 2) 12-Week Breathwork group coaching program 3) 90-Day Private coaching program

I would like to help people who have stress, anxiety, depression able to have better mental health. In addition, I would also like to work with people who have difficulty in breathing and athlete who wants to increase their performance. I can teach both online and face-to-face classes. I am founder of diving school Zanook Dive, https://www.facebook.com/zanookdive

I am founder of online Academy platform name Awaken Alchemist Academy: www.youtube.com/@awakenalchemistacademy
My personal FB page: https://www.facebook.com/nook.pusanisa

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