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Breathing for Yoga Oxygen Advantage Advanced

I am a health coach specializing in helping people recover from CFS/M.E which I suffered from myself for nearly 30 years. I have found that certain forms of breathwork can provide some of the most effective and robust tools for recovery from CFS.

Breathwork can help CFS primarily on two levels. Firstly, is if there is a pattern of overbreathing. This can easily pass undetected and I believe it is overlooked by a vast number of people suffering from CFS. By correcting dysfunctional breathing patterns and increasing CO2 tolerance, you can immediately reduce physical symptoms and nervous system activation, and significantly boost your energy levels.

Secondly, by working with, and becoming intimate with one’s own breath, we can directly settle the nervous system down and increase its resilience and capacity. There is increasing evidence that regardless of what initially triggered a person’s CFS/M.E, a hyperreactive nervous system is a large part of what perpetuates the condition. Breathwork, and particularly the gentler aspects of the Oxygen Advantage approach, can directly increase resilience, facilitate releasing stuck patterns, and help a person live more in a calm, capable mode rather than in some version of fight, flight, freeze or shut down.

I have also trained in coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP, neurofeedback, Open Focus awareness and Pain Reprocessing Therapy.

While specializing in CFS/M.E, the approaches used are effective for any chronic health condition, as the specific symptoms of different conditions are not relevant to making progress. The changes brought about are primarily at the level of the nervous system and as such can translate to whatever individual symptoms and challenges are present.

I currently live in Devon, UK and conduct sessions via Zoom.

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