Will Gallantree
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom


My name is Will, I’m 25 and I’m from Devon in the UK.

I have always been very interested in sport and exercise, participating in multiple team sports from a young age with my favourites being field hockey and rugby. When not participating in sports I like to keep fit by attending the gym, with resistance training being my main focus.

My interest in all thing’s health, exercise and fitness led to my decision to study sport and exercise science at university. After I graduated university, I decided to travel around the world, exploring new places, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people. Although I did not have a job role within the health and fitness industry whilst travelling, I continued to further and broaden my knowledge in the area with books, podcasts and research.

I first heard about the powers of our breathing whilst listening to a podcast where James Nestor was the guest. I was fascinated about the large increases in health, well being and fitness that came about by subtle changes in the way we breathe combined with breath work exercises. The more I read about breath work and understood the physiological processes that were occurring, the more interested I became. After I had read the Oxygen Advantage book, I knew that this could be an area within the health and fitness industry that I could get behind because of the vast number of benefits possible when breathing is functional.

I have always loved the idea of working with elite athletes whether it was individuals or teams. As I had understood more about the powers of breath work and the lack of high-level athletes using these techniques to increase performance, I realised there was an opportunity for me to help these people reach their true fitness potential.

My main goal is to work with elite athletes to improve their performance as this interests me the most, but I am also very happy to help anyone and everyone who wants to use breath work to improve their health and quality of life.

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