Breathing Exercise Tools

Everything You Need to Enhance Your Breathing Practice, as Recommended by Patrick McKeown


Weightlifting for Your Breathing Muscles

SportsMask is our patented training mask. Use alongside your breathing protocol or during your gym session. It’s the perfect breathing exercise tool for strengthening the breathing muscles and working the OA altitude simulation exercises. For endurance athletes, emergency first responders and everyone with a diaphragm!


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Train Harder, Run Faster, Breathe Like a Champion

If you have a deviated septum, a blocked nose or a small nasal airway, nose breathing can be hard! Nasal Dilator can help. It opens the airway allowing more air in through the nose. Meaning you can enjoy the benefits of nasal breathing during sport, even with a compromised airway.



“Transformative” Breathing

If you like the sound of a breathing exercise tool that works even when you sleep, you’ll love the Buteyko Belt. Designed to effortlessly reduce breathing, the belt will help you breathe Light, Slow and Deep, day and night. Simply fasten it round your middle to practice breathing exercises, use it at work, or wear it over your pyjamas for a better night’s sleep.


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Contec Pulse Oximeter
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Track Your Oxygen Levels

The Contec pulse oximeter is an essential, value-for-money breathing exercise device for tracking blood oxygen saturation. It’s proven accurate in independent clinical trials. Measure results in real-time during your breath hold practice, or monitor your health if you get COVID-19.



Stand Out in Our Branded Apparel

Train, coach or work out in comfort. Share the secret to your effortless breathing in our branded cotton-blend t-shirt.


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Stay Warm in Our Branded Sportswear

Scientists have proven that body temperature impacts breathing. Stay warm and breathe easy during your outdoor training or coaching sessions in our cosy branded sweatshirt.



All the Breathing Exercise Tools You Need. One Low Price.

Our Starter Pack contains SportsMask, a pulse oximeter, MYOTAPE, the Buteyko Belt and one of our branded t-shirts. It’s the perfect way to kick off your OA journey. And if you’re a breathing instructor, it contains all the breathing exercise tools you might recommend to your clients. Bought separately, these products cost $147. But the starter pack is yours for just $99 — saving you nearly 32%.


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