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Who is the Oxygen Advantage Invincible Breathing™ For?

If you are a pre-athlete, a pro athlete, a weekend warrior, a yoga teacher, physiotherapist, osteopath, physical or mental health professional, in mainstream or alternative practice, a coach, public speaker, performer, self improvement enthusiast, or struggle with less than optimum health on a daily basis… this science-backed breathing method is for you.

OA training with sports masks


Flexible, personal, resourceful,
For every body,
Every mental state…
For the pro athlete,
The lifelong asthmatic,
The tired, the wired,
The stressed out, burned out,
Rat race,
Out of the race,
First place!
Empowering you
To thrive,
To live,
To grow…



How well do you breathe?

It’s time to test your breathing. The Body Oxygen Level test, or BOLT score, measures your body’s sensitivity to the gas carbon dioxide. It’s an important indicator of functional breathing. The MBT measures your maximal breath hold time. Do not try the MBT if you are pregnant or have a pre-existing health condition. Strong breath holds must only be practiced if you are in good health.

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Body Oxygen Level Test

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Maximum Breathlessness Test

“The OA™ offers the potential to transform everything you thought you knew about your body, your performance and your health.”

Patrick Mckeown

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What is the Oxygen Advantage™?

The OA™ is a series of unique breathing exercises for optimum health and sports performance. The exercises focus on two pillars: functional breathing and simulation of high altitude training. Study at your own pace, online or in person. Or train to join our global team of certified instructors and build a sustainable career as a breathing coach.

Two Powerful Pillars


Imagine a breathing technique that can:

  • Increase oxygen delivery to every cell in your body
  • Revolutionize the way you sleep
  • Calm and focus your mind repair stress and build resilience.
  • Boost circulation and clear your blocked nose.
  • Help you achieve your personal, health and sporting goals
OA training in the gym with Patrick McKeown

Get Inspired. Get the Oxygen Advantage.


How to Breathe While Playing Football

How to Breathe While Playing Football

Add a Load to Training Using Oxygen Advantage® Breathing Techniques Have you ever tried to nose breathe during a sprint? It’s not for the faint hearted. Nose breathing improves performance on the football field. And it pushes your mental and...

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What People Say


“The Oxygen Advantage has helped my Olympians become more aware of their breathing. We practice nasal breathing during foam rolling, warm ups, cool downs and during certain prescribed exercise. I would highly recommend Oxygen Advantage to any coach looking to get any additional benefit for their athletes.”



“The Oxygen Advantage. I had no idea how critical it is to do nasal breathing. It is amazing stuff.”


“As an elite free diver I have always been aware of the benefits of correct breathing. This book was inspiring me to spread the message to family, friends and colleagues. Especially the fact that breathing less, not breathing more, will provide better oxygenation is a revelation for most of them. Many of them were able to reduce their stress levels and even anxiety through correct breathing.”


Head Rugby Coach, Texas.

“I am a 20 year rugby player here in the US, and I am the head coach for a major university in Texas. I am 39 years old, and I cannot think of a single thing in my entire life as an athlete that has benefitted and increased my fitness as much as this book has for me. I have since suggested it to two teammates, and they are having similar results. I am going to be honest, this should be required reading for every aspiring or current athlete, and every organized sports team should require all their athletes to read it.

My BOLT score started out at around 10, and after a few months of doing the exercises I am at 40. My sleep has improved, and although I still struggle to breathe through my nose during sleep, the Breath Light to Breathe Right exercises help me to do so. I use Breath Right strips and occasionally tape my mouth shut, and the difference I feel when I wake up is amazing.

The most profound benefit of Patrick’s research and book, though, are the crazy increases in my cardiovascular fitness that I have witnessed, even at 39 years old! I am still an active player on a high level rugby club, and I literally have hardly tired during a rugby match this season. Yes, rugby is still a very physically demanding sport, but I am not nearly as out of breath or tired as I used to be. The only change I have implemented are the exercises highlighted in the book, and making sure to breathe through my nose while I recover. I am not to the point where I can breathe through my nose during high intensity exercise yet, but the increase in my BOLT score and the breathing through my nose while recovering has made a huge difference. My only regret is that I did not find this book 10-15 years ago!”

Shelly Schoemig (USA)

Hi, Just wanted to thank Patrick and his team. I started doing your exercises 4 weeks ago, I was 12 weeks into training for my first marathon.

I have a decent endurance base and started doing all my runs nose breathing as soon as I realized that using a nasal dilator is a game changer!

Today I completed the marathon, my goal was to run it nose breathing only, regardless of my time. I achieved this with actually a great time, in-fact better than expected. It was a crazy experience, I am so grateful for all the information you put out there. I will definitely continue my nose breathing journey and tell everyone about the Oxygen Advantage.

Thank you so much, Shelly Schoemig (USA)



“I have taken the Oxygen Advantage Instructor course and can’t say enough good things about it! I have been taping my mouth for my strength training sessions as well as my Tactical training. I have been playing with the knowledge Patrick McKeown has so willingly shared and began experimenting with my Team. The conditioning results have been exceptional but I expected that based on what I learned in the course.”

”Using OA for the reduction of stress in SWAT and other High Stress Law Enforcement activities is what I am most interested in now and I have a lot to work with thanks again to Patrick McKeown. For those out there who are considering taking the course do yourself a favor get off the fence and do it. Money well invested in your health!”


Working for Australian Canoeing and the New South Wales Institute of Sport as a Canoe Slalom High Performance Coach towards Tokyo 2020.

“Mastering one of the most powerful mechanism in our body can have a tremendous impact on both well being and performance. Because we breath 24/24, breath training is potentially endless. I have been looking for a technique that could effortlessly trigger diaphragmatic breathing to improve the mind/ body connection. Thanks to the Oxygen Advantage, I have discovered that nose breathing and breath holds could also enhance the fitness level of my athletes through simulation of altitude training. Moving towards the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, we have now integrated the Oxygen advantage breathing techniques into our daily training and recovery.”


Author of the New York Times bestseller book, Beyond Training

“The Oxygen Advantage is one of the best books that I have read this entire year…one of my favorite books in the world actually”



“Just a message to Patrick to thank him for all his work he has done. I am a 66 year old male. I have been with the program for three months and it has drastically changed my life. I purchased the book and watched every YouTube video. I have to admit I did not think I was going to make it. I became almost obsessed with my breath. I also was very claustrophobic with taping my mouth. But I stuck with it. I started off with a Bolt score of about 15 and now I am at about 40. I purchased the mask and belt and I really felt that turned the corner for me. I play tennis and pickleball and am so happy with my stamina. Also I am much more calm on the court and when I am not I can slow everything down with my breath. So in closing just a thank you for all your hard earned work. Please feel free to use any of this to get it out to more people. Thanks again. Keep up the good work!”


Founder of ChiRunning and ChiWalking

“Patrick’s book, The Oxygen Advantage® is a godsend for anyone wishing to improve their performance in a way that doesn’t involve hours of strenuous workouts, drills, and endless miles of running. I’ve been doing nose breathing for the past ten years and it has totally revolutionized my running and seriously dropped my effort levels… at every speed! It’s simple to incorporate into your training and your daily life. and the results are astounding. I now recommend it in all of my running classes and training programs. Every runner or athlete should have this book. If you’re not breathing right, you’re working too hard.”


Founder of the ‘Hero Forge’ project and author of a book by the same name

“Patrick McKeown is a researcher and coach at the cutting edge of optimal breathing strategies. He works with world class athletes as well as everyday people, using simple exercises to help them to correct dysfunctional breathing patterns which can result in life-changing health and fitness benefits”


Genesis Gym Singapore senior instructor and 4 times Singapore Strongest Man. Sydney 2017 Oxygen Advantage Instructor Training Participant.

“This is one of the best courses I have attended, and offered so much more beyond the book in terms of information and practical application. Patrick breaks down the physiology of breathing, and how it affects performance, health, and physical well being.”


Founder of

“Many know that I am a major fan of using simple, inexpensive lifestyle changes to avoid expensive and dangerous medications and surgery. The Oxygen Advantage®, which is an extension of Patrick McKeown’s work as a Buteyko coach, is one strategy that I believe should be included in your health habit arsenal. There simply are no downsides that I can identify and there are massive upsides. I use it personally, and would strongly encourage you to apply it to your life so you can reap the rewards.”


Founder of the Optimum Nutrition Bible

“Oxygen is the forgotten nutrient and you can have too much and too little. Many more health problems than most realise result because of it. This book provides a vital missing piece in the health equation.”


Yoga Therapist and Teacher

“The Yoga Sutras don’t actually suggest big breaths and this is a very misunderstood concept in yoga. The Sutras talk about breath retention and slowing the breath down. When the breath moves too much, the mind also moves too much. Try slowing your breath down and breathing less to test out the effects on overall calmness. You will experience a deeper state of meditation if you can reduce your breath. Next time your teacher suggests a big breath, think deep instead of big. Try to breathe down into your belly, allowing your diaphragm to expand towards your navel. Enjoy quiet relaxation as your exhale. Smile at your instructor, as you know the difference between big and deep.”


Elite Sports Sleep Coach & Author of Sleep

“In his excellent book The Oxygen Advantage, something of a bible on nose-breathing, Patrick McKeown writes, ‘Breathing through the mouth has been proven to significantly increase the number of occurrences of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea…As any child is aware, the nose is made for breathing, the mouth for eating.”


Australian Professional Cyclist

“For any athlete, oxygen is king. Despite this the role of breathing is seldom considered. The Oxygen Advantage® is about breathing to improve oxygen uptake, along with specific breath holding techniques to simulate high altitude training. Having a higher aerobic and anaerobic capacity enables us to do more with less, to exercise faster and further with each breath.”


European kettlebell champion 2016

“Hi Patrick, I am enjoying reading The Oxygen Advantage immensely. I have implemented nasal breathing as much as possible, and am telling my chest and abdomen to relax. I’m much more conscious of my breathing at work, when walking and throughout the day. I can easily run 5/10k now, and cycle, while only nasal breathing. This has been a revelation. I also try to only nasal breathe while I train. I recently travelled to Poland to represent Ireland in the European Kettlebell Championships and won gold in my category with a 41 rep PB. I was unusually calm in the week running up to the lift. The day before when most of the team seemed high on jitters and anxiety, I felt calm and ready. Normally I am a bag of nerves before any competition or test, never mind something this big. I think a big part of the reason my mind felt so calm was from using what I have learned from reading (most of) both your books. I’d like to say thank you and I know I’m only at the very tip of the iceberg with all of this but I’m excited about the potential!”


USA Track and Field Athlete

“What Patrick and his team have been able to accomplish with their research and practice is astounding. They have introduced certain types of exercises that call for you to hold your breath while walking, jogging and sometimes running. Like running wasn’t hard enough already. Essentially, they’ve figured out a way to improve your oxygen carrying capacity and deliver more oxygen to your organs and muscles. Another goal is to train the body to reduce lactic acid build up, thereby delaying the onset of fatigue.”


NFL Free Agent

“I really enjoyed your book “The Oxygen Advantage®,“ I wished I would have came across it in my childhood. I play football in the NFL and my bolt score was 13. 3 weeks later I’m at 30 and improving thanks to you. I play wide receiver so I am running a lot and it’s gotten so easy. Your book was an eye opener to me and I am in better shape for another opportunity because I’m so much better at the simple act of breathing. It really does add up!


“I wanted to write to thank you for sharing your amazing breathing technique and making it so easy to learn and follow. I have had insomnia and anxiety for years, which I just assumed was ‘hard wired’. After making some simple changes – doing the mouth taping, the light breathing exercises and some of the walking / jogging exercises I feel like a completely new person. I sleep solidly through the night. I feel like I can take anything on at work and any stressor that comes up. I am no longer chronically congested and clearing my throat. I even look forward to physical exercise and have really increased my fitness level. When really relaxed my Bolt score is up to 38 from around 14. Now it seems really weird to see others at the gym heaving and grunting manically. The only challenge is trying to convince others – including trainers – that I really am working hard when they can’t see me breathing! You have shared something really valuable and special with the world and I am passing this on to everyone I know. Thank you so much.”


“Stumbled upon this book. I’ve had exercise induced asthma and allergies that I thought I’d have to manage for the rest of my life. Honestly this book has changed my life. Through taping my mouth at night and breathing through my nose while running and cycling, it seems to have eliminated my asthma and allergies have also vastly reduced. I have applied principles this over 3 months and seen benefits almost immediately.

Feel lucky to have found this and happy to spread the word.”


“I was amazed and excited to read this book. I have been cross country and road running for 50 years and never once did it occur to me that I could run breathing through my nose. I have followed the well laid out programme starting with ‘breath light to breath right’, followed by breath holding at home and during regular walks. I have increased my running mileage to 9 miles, entirely using nasal breathing. My BOLT score has increased from an initial 28 to 40+. I have just turned 70 and although running is a little more demanding I am enjoying it even more. Just goes to show that this programme can be followed at any age, as long as you are reasonably fit and healthy. I can heartily recommend this book to anyone who wishes to enhance their fitness and general health.


LinkedIn Regional Wellness Specialist Dublin HQ and EMEA

“I found Patrick by chance really. I was looking to bring a speaker in to talk to our staff, a speaker related to one of our wellness tenants. With Breathing being one of our wellness tenants I found Patrick online. I was immediately intrigued as soon as I started to read his material as I felt my own breathing could definitely improve with his methods. Patrick came and spoke to our staff for just over an hour and the presentation and material were both excellent. Both practical and informative I and the staff walked away with methods and information we could use straight away to improve our daily breathing and wellbeing. I have since started to read Patrick’s book ‘The Oxygen Advantage’ and would highly recommend it.


Olympic Athlete, 2012 Summer Olympics

“I didn’t realise the detrimental effect of breathing through the mouth during rest and the importance of nasal breathing. Breathing too much actually reduces the amount of oxygen delivered throughout the body. This runs counter to the prevailing belief in sport but is based on medical physiology. We learn about the role oxygen plays in the body but not how oxygen is delivered from the red bloods cells and that is the important part to understand. Patrick McKeown’s book does just that, including exercises to simulate high altitude training to condition the body to do more with less. Implementing these exercises results in improved health and in turn better sports performance.“


“Patrick McKeown, breathing trainer and author of The Oxygen Advantage®, recommends breathing through your nose…It’ll feel weird, but within a few weeks, you’ll notice you can exercise longer and don’t tire as quickly.“



“The materials and concepts Patrick McKeown brings us in ‘The Oxygen Advantage®’ are consistent with currently accepted western medical physiologic theories and, surprisingly, correlate well with the philosophies of many eastern sciences. Please remember that not everyone breathes in the same way, but only those who breathe in the right way will gain the best benefits from their physical exercise.“


President of Integrative Medicine Institute Foundation

“Patrick McKeown`s Oxygen Advantage® breathing techniques bring simple solutions empowering our daily efforts to build up wellness, health, and fitness in a few weeks program. These are evidence based and cost-effective techniques.“


Diplomate, American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine

“At the age of 55, one of my joys in life is training for and competing in sprint triathlons. Becoming efficient with available time is crucial for me to be able to compete well, maintain a full time practice and still spend quality time with my wife and children. This year I discovered Oxygen Advantage® and implemented it’s breathing techniques while swimming, biking and running. It taught me how to be more effective in my breathing and I soon noticed that during routine workouts I was very familiar with, I was breathing easier and noticeably less fatigued. The benefits of my new breathing became very apparent to me during my last triathlon, which I have competed in three times, when I reduced my 750m swim time by 2 minutes (as compared to my previous best) and subsequently won the Master’s Division which is comprised of those over 40. Additionally, I even came in 3rd overall.“

This program has been a remarkable tool to improve my training and my everyday well-being.“


Professional National Women’s Soccer League Player

“As a top level soccer player I have always had to be in top condition in order to compete and outperform my competitors. When it came to endurance I was always one of the most fit players, but I never knew I could become more fit just by learning to breathe correctly. Thanks to Patrick McKeown’s Oxygen Advantage and his team, I have seen a transformation not only in my training and performance, but in my overall well being. The results from learning to breathe correctly will only continue to make me a better player!“


OA™ is a scientific breathing method, tried, tested and trusted by top athletes. But wherever you are in your sporting journey, you will find tools to boost speed, endurance, and fitness, and give you the best aerobic and anaerobic capacity of your life.

Train harder by delaying fatigue and lactic acid buildup. Improve your stamina by strengthening your breathing muscles. Breathe efficiently for optimal oxygenation. Boost your repeated sprint ability so you can excel in team sports like soccer and rugby. Learn how to breathe for running, martial arts, yoga, competition, and sleep.

Swim faster, run faster, recover faster. Breathe like a champion. Get the Oxygen Advantage®.


The way you breathe affects every system, organ, and cell in your body. It boosts or reduces your immunity, supports the movement of your joints right from your core, and can help regulate conditions from high blood pressure to back pain, and PMS to chronic fatigue.

The breath provides a powerful and direct gateway to your nervous system. It impacts diabetes control and seizures in epilepsy. It can even help you recover from sexual dysfunction and incontinence.

If you came to OA™ because of asthma, long COVID, anxiety… Or just because you’ve read about breathwork and want to see what it’s all about, welcome! This is the first day of a healthier, stronger life.


When your mind is racing, it’s hard work to stay focused. Day-to-day life gets out of balance. Relationships are strained. You find yourself reacting to people and situations, instead of responding.

At night, you lie awake, tired and wired, re-running the day. It’s no wonder you wake up feeling stressed and low.

But just by changing your breathing, you can change your body chemistry, taking back control over your emotions. You can improve symptoms of panic disorder, PTSD, depression and anxiety. You can boost your memory, balance your mood, concentrate like a pro, and get the kind of deep sleep that sees you waking up ready to take on the world.

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Buteyko Method is more targeted towards health, and focuses on asthma and respiratory problems, sleep disorders (including insomnia, snoring and sleep apnea), as well as panic disorder and anxiety.

The Buteyko Method can be practiced by relatively healthy people as well as people who are quite unwell. A program for children and teenagers is also included.

Oxygen Advantage® (OA) features breathing techniques aimed at healthy people.

The method is designed to improve mental and physical performance and boost recovery. It is popular amongst athletes, both recreational and professional. Programs are also included for police, military, athletes and corporates.

Each instructor training is separate and includes instructor manual, training portal, monthly refresher and materials to help with your clients.

The question comes down to – who would you like to work with?

  • Typically, clients who attend for Buteyko do so to improve their existing health condition(s).
  • If you want to work with clients facing different and often challenging health problems – then Buteyko Method is best.
  • Typically, clients who attend for OA do so to improve their physical or mental performance.
  • If you want to work with healthy people to improve performance – then Oxygen Advantage® (OA) is best.
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